America's Blood Centers (ABC) is North America's largest network of non-profit community blood centers, who collectively provide over half of the blood supply in the United States, operate more than 600 blood donation sites, produce over 12 million units of whole blood and blood components, and support over 3,500 hospitals and healthcare facilities. ABC member blood centers work in a highly regulated arena and are driven by a profound commitment to safety and quality. The altruistic gift of blood from millions of donors nationwide each year is unique within the healthcare sector and provides inherent challenges and opportunities.

America's Blood Centers and its members work to protect the rights of donors, patients, community blood centers and hospitals. We do this by helping to shape new laws, policies and standards of care through:

  • Grassroots advocacy at the local level
  • Congressional advocacy in Washington, D.C.
  • Coalition building with stakeholders on specific issues
  • Ongoing coordination and cooperation with other blood organizations
  • Tracking legislative issues of concern to blood centers

America's Blood Centers uses a combination of legislative advocacy and grassroots outreach to help its members strengthen local relationships with elected officials while forging a national identity for community blood centers.

Current Policy Issues Affecting Community Blood Centers