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Data Integration

Data Warehouse

America's Blood Centers' Data Warehouse provides a centralized data storage and the ability for member blood centers to benchmark in order to determine best practices using standardized data elements and definitions. For the donor project, member blood centers participate with the provision of data via automatic data loads (ADL). More than 25 member blood centers are providing ADL data.


The Quality Benchmarking Committee continued to lead the charge in the area of benchmarking. The group has collected and analyzed 13 quarters of data, while performing comparative statistical analysis and gathering additional information on center practices for the identification of potential best performers. The Technical Director's Benchmarking working group has identified six benchmarks, honed data element definitions, and is now gathering its first set of data.

Tier Two Executive Compensation Survey

America's Blood Centers conducted its annual comprehensive Executive Compensation Survey that includes CEOs, COOs, and medical directors. The Tier Two Executive Compensation Survey was developed by the Human Resources Committee for key upper management positions that were not covered in the Executive Compensation Survey. The survey includes comprehensive compensation data for these positions filtered by their respective revenue budget categories.

2012 Employee Turnover Survey

America's Blood Centers Human Resources Committee launched an Employee Turnover Survey that addressed staff turnover of member blood centers for calendar years 2010 and 2011.

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