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America's Blood Centers Newsletter

The editorial staff published 46 issues of the America's Blood Centers Newsletter, the flagship publication of our organization and the weekly news and educational resource of the blood community. The newsletter began offering advertising space to vendors and blood-related organizations and added a "Grant Opportunities" section.

Blood Bulletin

An invaluable resource on transfusion hot topics for blood centers to provide to their hospitals,Blood Bulletin, returned to its quarterly publication schedule.

My Blood, Your Blood

The My Blood, Your Blood program has been widely adopted by America's Blood Centers' members since its launch 12 years ago. From April 2011 through March 2012, America's Blood Centers distributed over 300 programs in the U.S. and various countries throughout the world including Argentina, El Salvador, and Nigeria. America's Blood Centers also distributed and garnered interest for the program at the regional National Science Teachers Association conference in Hartford, CT.

The My Blood, Your Blood program is made possible by the commitment and financial support of the Foundation for America's Blood Centers.

School Partnerships and Youth Recruitment Resource Sharing e-Catalogue

The School Partnerships and Youth Recruitment Resource Sharing (SPYRRS) Task Force launched the SPYRRS e-Catalogue in January 2012. This resource was developed by the SPYRRS Task Force to assist America's Blood Centers' member blood centers in the areas of high school recruitment and school partnerships. Through this e-Catalogue, members can share best practices, programs, initiatives, and resources that have been effective within their markets. The tool also allows those who share to browse submissions from other participating blood centers for replication at their own blood center. Twenty-six member blood centers are currently participating in the program.


America's Blood Centers' Government Relations staff held an advocacy webinar on ways to strengthen relationships with state and federal lawmakers. The Human Resources Steering Committee hosted three webinars on health reform, social media, and employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Communications and Donor Recruitment Committee hosted two webinars on programs and resources available to the membership. The first webinar featured information on America's Blood Centers' new School Partnerships and Youth Recruitment Resource Sharing e-Catalogue. The second provided information on the annual World Blood Donor Day give campaign.

The SMT Journal Club held three webinars focused on the presentation and discussion of current medical literature, while the Quality Education Committee organized and conducted five webinars with topics ranging from creative cGMP training to tools and techniques for "working smarter" in blood centers to the FDA's e-Submitter Program.

The Member Employee Training and Development Committee focused its initial efforts on two webinars which addressed the use of marketing to make training "stick" and an informational webinar on training resources available to member blood centers. America's Blood Centers' Technical/Lab Directors Committee presented four webinars on: Platelet Strategies for Severe Platelet Refractoriness, Centralized Transfusion Services, Outsourcing and Hosting BECS, and Apheresis Platelet QC.


America's Blood Centers' staff coordinated the development of programs for the SMT Forum and Medical Directors' workshops at the Interim Meeting in Kansas City, Mo. and the joint Science Meets Operations for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Quality and Technical/Lab Directors Workshops took place in Minneapolis for 127 attendees. The Workshops covered topics such as the pros and cons of irradiators and x-ray technology, lean manufacturing and process improvements, molecular testing systems versus serological testing systems, cGMP, and the effects of the economy on blood center practices.

The annual Fund Development, Communications and Donor Recruitment Workshop took place in San Francisco, Calif., hosted by Blood Centers of the Pacific, welcoming over 81 participants from 38 America's Blood Centers' member blood centers to network and learn. During the four-day Workshop, topics such as providing health screening to recruit high school drives fundraising in a recession; maximizing impact with corporate sponsors; social media; messaging, communications, and recruitment during times of excess supply; blood banking in Africa; and donor incentives were presented on.

World Blood Donor Day give Program

America's Blood Centers and its member blood centers celebrated World Blood Donor Day (June 14th) 2011 with its 3rd annual partnership with Nexcare Bandages for the give campaign. This year's partnership, a joint effort with both America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross, aimed to raise awareness around the importance of blood donation, while also thanking those who support the cause. The limited-edition, fashion inspired bandages offered to donors throughout the week of World Blood Donor Day represented the theme "Saving a Life is Stylish" in trendy patterns such as chevron, plaid, gingham, zebra and original. The partnership garnered not only local and national media attention, but also 40,000 new "likes" to the Nexcare give Facebook page, with over 11,000 people pledging to donate blood. Nexcare Bandages by 3M also donated $10,000 to The Foundation of America's Blood Centers in support of its mission to fund initiatives that improve the availability, quality, and safety of blood to save, extend, or enhance the lives of patients.

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