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16th Annual Awards of Excellence Recipients

8590176354_2f 6f 44f 4d 7_nMost Creative Blood Drive Awards

107.9 - WSRZ
Nominated by Suncoast Communities Blood Bank

Queen City Blood Drive
Nominated by Hoxworth Blood Center

Mayo Clinic
Nominated by United Blood Services

Most Productive Blood Drive Awards

Bay Ltd.
Nominated by Coastal Bend Blood Center


Nominated by Community Blood Center (Dayton)

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Police Department, City of New York
Nominated by New York Blood Center

School Blood Drive Award

Riverview High School
Nominated by OneBlood

Media of the Year Award

Nominated by OneBlood

Corporation of the Year Award

Outback Steakhouse
Nominated by OneBlood

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Larry Frederick Award

Scott Van Duzer
Nominated by OneBlood

Outstanding Humanitarian Service Award

Flights for Life
Nominated by United Blood Services

National Partner of the Year Award

Platelets Across America

Thomas F. Zuck Lifetime Achievement Award

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Karen L. Shoos, JD
Nominated by Indiana Blood Center

President's Award

Extraordinary Service
Thomas A. Schaller

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