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Data Integration and Benchmarking

Data Warehouse

America's Blood Centers Data Warehouse (DW) collects and disseminates data about blood utilization, collection, and transfusion, allowing its member blood centers to understand the blood center environment, identify best practices, and create strategy guided in evidence based data. In continuing to develop the DW this year, America's Blood Centers shifted its focus from verification and validation (V&V) of the data to changes needed in the interface scripts, to the identification of critical data requirements that will provide member value. Our team engaged Blood Establishment Computer Systems (BECS) vendors to revise the scripts to correct the issues identified in V&V. The documentation and training materials have been revised and the data management process improved. Once the interface script modification is complete, the data already in the DW will be refreshed and the remaining member blood centers not currently participating will be brought into the DW.

Data Warehouse Requirements Advisory Committee

America's Blood Centers formed the DW Requirements Advisory Committee (RAC), comprised of subject matter experts from all areas across blood center operations. A face-to-face meeting was held and a list of more than 150 key business questions that would assist member blood centers in their operations were identified and prioritized. The RAC is now working on developing business intelligence reports that provide information to answer the questions using data in the DW.

2014 Compensation Survey

America's Blood Centers conducts surveys regarding compensation and benefits to help blood center human resources professionals to better understand trends in salaries and benefits of blood center employees and to help benchmark their blood center against others.

America's Blood Centers administered the 2014 edition of the Blood Center Compensation Survey in September 2014 and collected information on 32 director, management-level, exempt positions, and 35 staff-level positions commonly found in blood center organizations. Now in its third year, the survey was designed by Gallagher Surveys in collaboration with the Human Resources Steering Committee. For the first time this year, the survey asked participants questions about their benefits plan to help them benchmark their health plan and voluntary benefits against other member blood centers.

The final report, released in December 2014, presented the aggregated results of more than 50 ABC member blood centers, reporting on 67 different positions currently found in blood centers, and was in full compliance with Justice Department salary survey guidelines. Survey results were sent directly to participating member blood centers.

2014 Employee Turnover Survey

With the number of people reaching retirement age climbing each year, staffing and talent development are hot button issues. In March 2014, America's Blood Centers Human Resources Steering Committee conducted an employee turnover survey for calendar year 2014. Sixty-six of America's Blood Centers' member centers, representing majority of the association's membership, completed the survey. The results confirmed the importance of employee turnover among blood centers, with 61 percent identifying it as a significant issue. 

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