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Innovation: it’s at the core of what we do. We risk losing our edge and getting behind if we don’t continuously innovate, adapt, and evolve as an association.

Supporting the Future of Blood Banking

Strategic Plan

Strategy is about positioning America's Blood Centers in an ever-changing climate to remain viable, valuable, and vibrant. Our strategic objectives serve as a tool to redesign and transform our organization to leverage leading-edge business models for the greatest good of our member blood centers. You will notice that our accomplishments within each of our core values align with these strategic objectives. Below are the key elements that comprise America's Blood Centers' strategic plan.

Advocacy Excellence

America's Blood Centers leads advocacy efforts by utilizing a comprehensive approach. Our strategies include influencing decision makers in the legislative, regulatory, and accreditation arenas by lobbying congressional offices, establishing relationships with regulatory and accrediting agencies, activating political networks, mobilizing grassroots engagement, building coalitions with like-minded healthcare organizations, employing targeted public relations and communication in key districts, as well as sharing data and research relevant to our issues. America's Blood Centers made substantial progress over the last year on some of the key goals of its advocacy agenda, which include achieving plasma flexibility in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, addressing the value of blood issue with data and reimbursement reform, improving the timeliness and transparency of FDA, and reducing the administrative burden of quality control testing that blood centers perform. See our accomplishments in the Advocacy core value page for more on these initiatives.

Education Excellence

America's Blood Centers creates and supports a robust blended learning environment, including both virtual and face-to-face learning, through America's Blood Centers Professional Institute (API). Aligned with the needs of our member blood centers, the API provides professional development, talent development, and succession planning opportunities to help blood center professionals with their jobs and to develop future blood center leaders. See the Education core values page to learn more about these accomplishments.

Data Driven Excellence

Through its Data Warehouse project, America's Blood Centers collects and disseminates data about blood utilization, collection, and transfusion, allowing its member blood centers to understand the blood center environment, identify best practices, and create strategy guided in evidence based data. We seek to use these data to support legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts. America's Blood Centers made great strides with its Data Warehouse over the last year, moving closer to its goal of 100 percent member-use. See the Data Integration and Benchmarking core values page to see more on these accomplishments.

Association Excellence

Beginning last year, America's Blood Centers initiated a top-to-bottom look at its operations, priorities, services, and products to identify opportunities to modernize our organization and apply contemporary association models to position America's Blood Centers for future success. Highlights include amending outdated bylaws, working on a plan to increase non-dues revenue, and developing a new website for our member blood centers that provides a plethora of blood banking educational resources right at their fingertips.

Governance Excellence

Governance refers to leadership of an organization, in most cases the board of directors. America's Blood Centers strives to remain an industry leader by establishing a 21st century governance leadership model that uses modern practices to ensure a high-performing board of directors and committees. America's Blood Centers relies on the hard work of volunteer board of directors and committee members for many vital functions of our organization. Over the last year, America's Blood Centers has pursued governance excellence through strategic planning retreats, board development, and establishing board self-evaluations.

Industry Change and Consolidation

With massive healthcare reform, the increasing consolidation of hospitals, and the rise of large hospital systems - the healthcare environment has changed tremendously over the last several years. Alongside these changes, the blood center landscape continues to evolve. Merger activity and the formation of new types of business partnerships among our member blood centers has increased significantly. Nearly 20 mergers or partnerships were formed in just the last five years, while about 19 mergers occurred during the 1990s.

Further, blood use continues to decline due to increased adoption of blood management programs at hospitals and medical advances that minimize blood loss during surgery. Recent blood industry survey data shows a continued downward trend in collections of whole blood and red blood cells in the US between 2008 and 2013, with collections dropping by 12 percent. Alongside this disruption, many blood banking leaders are reaching retirement age, which is why America's Blood Centers has begun to focus on leadership development - to create the next generation of blood banking leaders.

Through meetings, workshops, webinars, and online learning communities, America's Blood Centers strives to create a forum for its blood center members to discuss the ever-evolving industry and to come together to solve common problems through innovative approaches. Over the last year, America's Blood Centers' meetings and workshops have allowed blood center professionals to explore a range of issues to equip them for future success in this challenging environment, such as emerging business opportunities for blood centers, board of director succession planning, and opportunities in cellular therapies.

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